VIP Membership Programs

Promote your business and gain customer insight all in one program

Our VIP Membership Program helps businesses to provide higher efficiency and betters services by helping them understand their customers. A multi-store reloadable VIP Membership Card is a loyalty program for your customers, and is a great way to manage multiple locations with promotions as well as collect data on customer habits and spending.

A Program for Everyone

Let us help you take gift cards to the next level.

Partner with Touch N Serve to a provide VIP Membership Program to your customers! Since this program is a partnership, we’ll provide all the necessary tools to get you started and provide customer support around the clock for your customers.

What You’ll Get

  • Interactive kiosk with card dispenser to centralize program
  • Touch N Pay App for each store to manage VIP Membership Cards
  • Instant reports to review all transactions and amount due
  • Enhanced customer Loyalty and Increased Customer Insights
  • A website for customers to check their account and balance online

What Your Customer Will Get

  • Reloadable Card
  • Rewards, Discounts, and Incentives
  • Around the Clock Customer Support
  • Convenience of Using One Card for Multiple Locations
  • Improved Customer Experience

Card Dispensing Kiosk

Automating your program is as simple as this

When you sign up with us to start a VIP Membership Program for your business, you’ll get a free-standing kiosk. This kiosk is designed to centralized your program and is equipped with a touch screen interface and card dispensing unit. It is perfect for reducing labor costs and saving everyone’s time.

Kiosk Features

  • Interactive Touch Screen
  • Check/Add Balance
  • View Incentives And Promotions
  • Purchase New Cards
  • Built in Card Dispenser
  • Accepts All Major Credit Cards